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Around Viterbo

The location of Hotel Villa Sofia gives easy access to many key sites. These include:

Bomarzo, with its charming Park of Monsters; Soriano nel Cimino with the Orsini Castle nestled in the woods of the Cimini Hills; Caprarola with the marvellous Palazzo Farnese; Civita Castellana with its Sangallo Fortress, currently hosting the Archaelogical Museum of Ager Faliscus, where you can relive the history of the Tusci with artefacts collected in chronological and topographic order, excellently documenting the life, art and culture of this ancient Italic people; Ronciglione, with its various medieval buildings, is to be noted also for its carnival, which is one of the most-loved carnivals in Lazio; Civita di Bagnoregio, also called “the dying town”, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Viterbo undergoes a magical moment every 3 September, with the transport of the Macchina of Santa Rosa, a walking bell tower. An illuminated 30-meter high tower, weighing 50 tons, is carried by a hundred men called the “Facchini di Santa Rosa” (Porters of Saint Rose) through the streets of the city. A 1500-meter journey from Porta Romana to the Church of Santa Rosa, deeply rooted in the traditions and rituals of Viterbo.